Friday 7 February 2014

Multi-crop Swap Shop

Bess has decided to try her hand at something new, alright, alright, if we're being exact Bess has decided to try OUR hand at something new, Free Range Animals.

She's heard that Free Range Animals are more generous with their drops and give some great items so has ordered a bundle of them and the feed that goes with them...

...only problem is, as we've discovered in the past, the Frontier Postal Service may not be the most efficient in the world which has left us with the wrong crops for our animals.

What is there to do? Well, we could force feed them or, even better, we could have a little frenzy of swapping with our neighbours so everyone gets what they want!

As usual we'll see a popup to start...

...which kicks off a traditional 5 mission thread with a wrapper and a Monday wrapper (all details HERE) along with a 4 step build, the Pasture (all details HERE).

Now, from here things do get a little bit interesting, so strap in tight, please keep all arms and legs inside the carriage at all times and no bombing or heavy petting...

For this thread different players are going to receive different animals and crops, on about a 50/50 split down the middle. The animals you can buy also define what crops you'll be able to get.

First up, the Fuzzy Animals... 50% of us will get Unhappy Sheep and Green Onions...

...the other 50% will get Unhappy Goats and Swiss Chard.

Next up, the Fat animals (little cruel but hey, accurate)... 50% of us will get Unhappy Cows and Quinoa...

...the other 50% will get Unhappy Pigs and Buckwheat.

(Don't worry if you want them all, and chances are you will, because you'll be able to get all four animals eventually, more on that later.)

These animals are a special type of injured animal, and how often we need to feed them depends on you and your neighbours. The Goats and Sheep take 60 tends, the Pigs and Cows 100 BUT, stick a hold on yer complainin' finger for a moment because if we do the missions right, we'll need a LOT less than that...

Each crop in this thread drops a certain foodstuff that is used alongside a wall post item to produce Export Greens or Grains.

If you use one of these Exported items to feed your animals they only give one single tend.

However, there is another way, because these Exported Items are giftable to neighbours from your inventory (skipping the envelope) and once they've passed through the magic postal roundabout they become something different, IMPORTED Greens and Grains.

These are crates that contain one of four special boosts (Don't worry, you will ALWAYS get the right one for the animals on your homestead no matter what your neighbour used, there's no randomness in this thread.)

When used, these feed an Unhappy Animal FOUR times, significantly cutting down the amount of feeds needed.

So, this is what Facebook games were made for, while you can do it all yourself you'll have a nicer time with a handful of generous neighbours and a sharing attitude!

But Andy, I hear you thinking (yes, I know you well), but Andy, why do we want to make these animals happy?

Well, that's simple. Happy Free Range Animals drop FOUR times as many items as normal animals of that type, and yes, they're still boostable so an animal boost means a whopping 8 times the drop rate, and that includes collectibles and mission items.

But, that's not all, they also drop extra goodies like crops, boosts and meals... so think of them like a Dino Exhibit with a bit more meat on their bones (and with shorter tend times).

Now, I've been hearing a few whimpering noises from the completionists thinking... but we only get two! Never fear mon amis, here's the part you want to hear.

There's two new collections to be had, one from Fuzzy animals and their associated crops, one from Fat animals and their crops...

The rewards from those will be a Imported Animal Crate that is certain to contain the animal you don't have (again, no randomness in this thread). You also get two of these crates when you complete mission 5.

So don't worry, you'll get all four animals and not miss out on one!

Also, if those rewards aren't enough, we'll also pick up a plethora of interesting mission rewards including 4 (yes FOUR) open Warehouse slots, an Animal Pen upgrade and Horseshoes!

Finally, if you ARE determined to go it alone, there's a premium item in crafting called "Imported Spice" which will transform Exported Green or Grains into Imported ones.

But c'mon, isn't it going to be much more fun sharing!?