Friday 21 February 2014

Cook For Freedom!

The County Fair is on it's way and the Gratchetts want to show off just how far they've come in their redeemed state by taking part and showing off their new found skills!

First up is Bo Gratchett, the wannabe chef!

He's going to set up a stall for the County Fair and do some al fresco cookery to give everyone on the homestead some top quality food.

If we help him get set up he's going to give us some extra goodies for every day we cook including a boost many have asked for!

As usual, a popup starts it...

That'll kick off a 5 mission thread with a Monday Mission (all details HERE) and a 4 stage build, Bo's Kitchen (all details HERE).

The Kitchen has a brand new mechanic, part fishing, part telegraph station.

Each day we'll get to "cook" a meal in Bo's Kitchen via the "Cook" option.

That will simply take one Canola Oil that drops from the new Canola Crop and each time we cook we'll get some goodies.

Each Day will have a specific dish to cook, and we'll see one of three icons, a question mark which means it's still to come, the dish when you've cooked it or an X if you've missed the day.

If we cook 3, 5, or 7 of them a week, we get extra rewards which can even be a horseshoe or one of a brand new boost, the Deep Fried Chocobar.

This little beauty of a boost is going to be a Dream Boost for Random Injured Animals! Yes, you need a specific type of random animal but have some extras? Simply use a Fried Chocobar Boost and it'll turn into one of the other variations! (This will work on all previous injured animals in the Field Guide, not just ones from here on out).

There will be two injured "animals" in this thread...

One isn't an animal as much as a decoration and it's items for Bo's Kitchen, all healed from a Grease Fire...

...the other IS an animal and is some helpful animals for around the Kitchen.

We can also win a Fry Cook's outfit and Hat as mission rewards, and, if we're of a facial hair bent, Bo's Mustache!

In the market with a mustache is the new free gift crop, Canola...

...and a few other mission items including a kitchen work bench that would fit in with the "healed" kitchen items.

Oh, and finally, a new collection that gives the Free Gift Crop!

So, what are we waiting for? Let's help Bo get some tasty redemption!