Friday 28 February 2014

Runts of the Litter

While Bo is getting his cooking stall up and running it's left Runt a bit of spare time and he's been wandering the stead trying to find something to do.

In his travels he's tripped over some of the info about the Country Fair's Breeders Cup and he's spotted a problem, why are all the winners the big animals?

As a man of petite stature himself Runt is determined to go out of his way to show the world that size doesn't matter and you can work wonders with a small package.

As usual we'll see a popup...

This will kick off a thread of 5 missions, one wrapper and a Monday Mission (all details HERE) and a 4 step build, Runt's Rec Centre.

So, how are we going to make sure Runt's Runts are the pick of the litter?

First we're going to have to find them, and that means using one of two items in the market, the Sandy Animal which is healed with 6 Chamois Cloth and can drop one of four different animals or the Steele Trap which is healed with 4 Cat's Claws and only drops one of three animals but has a higher chance of dropping the rare one.

The four Runts are Ferrets, Turtles, Foxes and Minihorses...

Once they're found from a Sandy Animal or Steele Trap you'll then also be able to buy them in the market (like the Hibernators).

They're each healed (Solo or with a Partner) with 34 Runts Fit Kit which are crafted with 2 Mineral Mixture (Plantains or Kale) and 3 Body By Runt (Wall Post).

As usual, being Partner animals there'll be an option in the Rec Centre to see the Runt Manager.

You may have spotted Plantains there which are going to be a new free gift crop...

...and can come from the new Collection!

So, let's make the little ones a star and show off Runt's Runts!