Friday 14 February 2014

New Moon, New Year

The Frontier is a massive mix of different cultures and a new one has just arrived on the homestead to bring some new ideas and items to the Homestead.

Long Min wants to bring his selection of foreign imports from his homeland to us and, as we're the lovely welcoming people we are, we've decided to welcome him into the fold by celebrating the Chinese New Year!

That means some party planning, some entertainment and a selection of special animals based on the Chinese Zodiac.

It all starts off, as usual, with a popup...

That will start off a set of map missions, 9 missions, 3 wrappers, one Monday mission (all details HERE). Of course, that means no build!

We will have one placeable, which is Min's Observatory and has both a tend and a fishing mechanic...

Inside the Observatory will be a lunar map that contains all the missions, which open over 3 days in 3 groups...

As with all missions of this type they will be OPTIONALLY repeatable for more rewards and goodies.

There's one new healable chain that will be like the recent Inquisition or Analysers, but with some Chinese themed reward animals at the end of them!

The start will be the Homemade Telescope which will be tended with 5 Star Maps.

That then drops one of three elements, Water/Earth, Metal/Wood and Fire, those in turn are tended with a crafted feed and will drop one of four different animals.



The animals can also be sold to get a special book, depending on their type. That works as a premium item to get another Essence of their type for certain from Min's Observatory, avoiding having to heal another Telescope!

We'll also see another new boost, this one is placed on the homestead and set off to give you double speed and 2 actions per click for 5 clicks.

There is a new Free Gift Crop Sesame (with limited need)...

...which will drop from the brand new collection!

So, lets get celebrating the New Year :D