Thursday 30 January 2014

Love on a Plate

It's that time of year again, a time for doves, roses, chocolates and, of course, anti-nausea medicine.

Yes, we're into the home straight for commercial love exploitation day *cough* sorry, must behave, Valentines Day and that means love is blooming between all the couples on the Homestead.

This year nothing says I love you like a good night out and some beautifully cooked food at twice the normal price.

So, join us as we give everyone a night out to remember at the Restaurant de L'Amour...

As usual we'll be seeing a popup to start...

That will kick off an 8 mission thread with a wrapper and a Monday mission (all details HERE) and no build, just a placeable decoration, the aforementioned Restaurant de L'Amour.

Now, I know you're all intelligent people and you know what an 8 mission thread with no build means, and you're right! We're looking at daily release missions (2 per day) which are repeatable and a "collectible" that we'll need for the wrapper, in this case Enchanted Feelings.

Of course that does mean a nice chunk of excitement with a Sweepstakes! Yes, the usual rules apply, all enchanted feelings will count as an entry to the sweepstakes and the prizes will be as follows:

Grand prize: 2,000 HS + 5 Fine Dining crates
Silver prize: 1,000 HS + 3 Fine Dining crates
Bronze prize: 500 HS + 1 Fine Dining crates
The mission activation will all be run from inside the Restaurant via a standard menu...

And, once the fifth mission is active, there's also going to be a fishing mechanic from the Restaurant that will drop crops, boosts and those all important Enchanted Feelings meaning no optional repeats are needed.

We'll see one new Free Gift crop, Fennel...

..some new Romance based healables and mission rewards...
...including something new, a costume based boost! Floaty love hearts to place around our avatars that will give us double XP, double speed and 5 actions per click.

...and finally two romantic food boosts, the Fois Gras boost and the Chocolate Truffle! The first is a 4 hour crop accelerator and the second works like a Beef Jerky, refilling your energy bar and adding +1 to the Max.

Oh, and a new collection that will drop a helpful crate full of crop and boost goodness...

So, what are you waiting for, play matchmaker!