Thursday 23 January 2014

Did the Earth Move For You?

Granny's Hot Spring Bath has suddenly started scalding her unmentionables, the grounds been shaking and some purdy rock looking items have been appearing in the most unlikely places...

Something is definitely going on with Mount Avalanche (surely that name is just tempting fate) and the fact it's smoking more than Jack mighty well be a bit of a giveaway...

Seems it's time for us to prepare for a big, red hot and ready to shoot natural disaster!

As usual, a popup will welcome us...

This will kick off a 5 mission thread, along with a wrapper to arrive on Monday (all details HERE) and a four step Story/Build (all details HERE).

The build is split over a small placeable, the Gem Mine...

...and a new Sideboard, the erupting Mount Avalanche itself!

There will be two new items during this thread, the first will be used in the main thread, the Geode. This is a healable that drops from Forges, the mission crops and the Gem Mine Daily Bonus and the mission windows.

This will be healed with 6 Silvery Picks that are a crafted item.

When it's finished with it'll spit out a bundle of goodies and turn into either a Rock, or a Cracked Geode.

The other thing arrives on Monday and is a standard Injured Animal which is healed with 8 Ash Brushes, a Wall Post item.

Finally for new goodies we'll have two brand new BOOSTS!

The first is Debris and Me, a 5 minute variation of a Squeezing the Stone, the Debris doubler.

The second is something quite different, it's the Fertile Ash Boost. This boost will make 5 random crops on the homestead ready to harvest!

Of course, we will be seeing a new Free Gift crop, this time the Lichen, but we'll also see a new COIN Crop too, Silversword.

Oh, and a collection that gives the new Boost!

Finally, for those that want to decorate their stead we'll be seeing two new things, a cinder covered ground and a brand new "falling ash" mechanic like the falling snow that comes from one of the new mission reward decorations... and this one IS a dramatic one!

So, lets get rescuing!