Thursday 9 January 2014

Frozen Fish

Oh Jack, how did you appear so knowledgeable in those lazy hazy early days of the game when we had to plant 5 tomatoes to complete a mission?

Yes, it's time to help our favourite Frontiersman out from another one of his little mess ups, this time causing trouble for the piscine population of the homestead!

The old geezer has decided the best way to fish is with... dynamite. Yes, I'll just let that sink in for a moment...

Well, even Jack's realised that's probably not the cleverest thing he could have done so he went out and got some fish to restock the lake. Tropical Fish. *sigh* Here we go then...

The traditional popup starts a five mission thread with no wrapper but a Monday mission (all details HERE) and a four step build, the Aquarium (all details HERE).

We'll also see a new sideboard on the left hand side, the Ice Lake, replacing the Harvest Festival.

As you can tell, the majority of this thread will surround a new way of fishing, as we rescue all those tropical fish from the Ice Lake, thaw them out and then place them warm and healthy in the aquarium!

The first step will be the fishing itself and for that we'll use Icy Lures which are crafted from 2 Barbless Hooks (Recycle Bins) and 3 Frozen Bugs (Wall Post).

There are also three specific feeds that can be bought for Horseshoes but those are OPTIONAL. While the Icy Lure can give any of the variations of fish, the premium ones give a specific type.

As mentioned there are three possible types of fish that can drop, the Tropical, Vibrant or Deadly, and they are injured animals.

Each takes 10 Fish Warmers which are crafted from 2 Wool Kindling (Standard White Llamas) and 3 Metal Plates (Wall Post). They have a three day timer so it's worth building up feed to make sure you'll have enough!

Once healed each fish can become one of three variations but are LIMITED so once you have two of a type they'll no longer drop until you have all three.

From there one of each type combine into stacks...

...which are then, finally, added to the Huge Fishtank which will be another fishing location with some great possible rewards :)

Phew, I know it seems complicated, but trust me, it won't be when you get into it!

We will have one new free gift crop, the Lakeweed...

...and a new Collection!

So, lets go fishing!