Thursday 7 March 2013

Staking Out

More and more folks are chancing their arm at taking on the Frontier for fame and fortune, but it all needs doing all proper like with everyone getting a plot of their own!

But to do that it needs the Frontier Survey, now led by Flintlock, to be able to stake out everyone's claim and keep everything all friendly between neighbours, and to do that he needs survey flags!

So, Flintlock's been visiting your homestead and seen your prowess with quilitin' and he want's your help to make up a whole new set of Survey Flags to mark out folks land!

As usual, we'll see a popup to start.

That kicks off a four mission/one wrapper thread (all details HERE) and a four step build, the Survey Office, another small footprint building (all building details HERE)

The missions themselves are a mix of the quilting missions and the love letters, with a bit of a twist, and has us creating individual Survey Flags for the Frontier.

We start off by picking our base design, each has three or four different colour schemes...

...we then craft patches of differing types (all details HERE), those unlock as we go, and sew them onto our flags. Each different design takes a different amount of patches, so for example the first design takes five patches...

...those are then scored up and give a total of points, with the better flags and patches giving more points...

...and those points are tallied up here, the Flag Meter, where we'll get new rewards and goodies at various milestones, with the eventual plan of reaching 10'000 points.

Obviously we'll also have a Flag Storage area for all the one's we've done.

Along with the new Flags we'll see two new crops...

...and some new reward animals, during the missions we'll get the Survey Sheep and Pigs...

...and then at the end we'll win the rideable Survey Mule.

Finally we'll see a new collection that drops XP, some of one of the free crops and a Survey Mystery Crate, which contains five random flag patches!

So, we've got our land staked out, lets help some other brave Pioneers...