Monday 25 March 2013

Chop On Wood

There's never enough wood on the homestead, especially when so many missions need us to chop trees, so now it time to save some room by storing a few of those trees away!

Yes, it's time for that lumber storage folks have been asking for with the new Lumber Yard!

As usual, we'll see a popup to start...

That will kick off a four mission/one wrapper thread (all details HERE) and a four step build with upgrades, the Lumber Yard (all details HERE).

So, the question is how will this building of woody wonder work? Well, rather differently from normal storage, so settle in, switch on the grey matter and let's explore the Lumber Yard!

First off, It doesn't actually store trees. Yeah, yeah, I know, work with me here. Instead of STORING trees we SACRIFICE them into the buzzing blades and and clattering conveyor belts of the Yard.

When we place the tree into storage the tree itself goes away and we are credited the tree's chops in the Lumber Yard, with a 25% bonus. So storing a Pine Tree will credit you 10 chops. Then, when you need to chop a Pine Tree you simply open the yard, select how many chops you want to use and BAM, tree chopped!

Different trees are opened up to be stored as we do the missions and originally we can store two of each type and can be upgraded to hold 4 of each. Birch Willow and Hickory are upgraded individually, Pines and Pole Pines have a shared upgrade and Oaks, White Oaks and Valley Oaks share an upgrade.

That gives us between 40 and 60 chops for each tree type, including the new Birch Tree that's a mission reward and a new crop tree, although we can buy fully sized ones for shoes.

That is in the market along with the new free gift crop, the Foxtail Fern...

And... the bit I think we were all dreading.

In the market are also Tadpole Puddles which are healed with 10 Frog Feed until they become one of three Tree Frogs.

...and yep, we need all three eventually.

Thankfully we do know that they're going to cut down on these, my guess is this was already coded in... so fingers crossed it's the last one for a while.

So, as we've been after it for so long, let's enjoy the good part and get building that Lumber Storage!