Thursday 21 March 2013

Tracking Treasure

Goldie might have tried to make off with all Jack's treasure but she never realised just how heavy it would be and how low it would make the balloon fly!

With all the homestead hot on her heels she picked discretion over riches and has dumped Jack's fortune over the edge! So it's up to us to collect it all back up...

Which means a good old non-random, non-repeat, non-partnering mission thread on the hunt for gold!

As usual, it all kicks off with a popup...

That starts off a five mission thread and a wrapper mission (all details HERE) and a small buildable, the Golden Waterfall (all details HERE).

The missions themselves are a traditional set without too many bells and whistles, we will see three healables, which will each pop out a treasure for Jack, all details are in the respective missions.

We have three new crops BUT I'm delighted to say that of those three we've got one free gift crop and TWO new coin crops!

They'll be joined in the market with a few extra goodies, all of which we'll pick up during the missions as rewards.

And that's your lot! So lets go get Jack's goodies back!