Monday 11 March 2013

Flutter By...

Each year the skies around the homestead are filled with hundreds of colourful fliers as the annual butterfly migration happens!

Yes, each year all the caterpillars and larvae pop out of their chrysalis and create a rainbow cloud around the homestead.... and this year we're going to help them be the fittest, strongest butterflies around!

As usual it'll start with a popup...

That will kick off a five mission thread with no wrapper (all details HERE) and a 4 step build (all details HERE)

The build is two stages, the tiny footprinted Butterfly Sanctuary on the Homestead...

And also the Butterfly Habitat, a sidebar that will replace the Ice Skating Pond on the left hand side. (You can see how small the Sanctuary is on the right hand side, barely bigger than a crate)

As part of the missions we will be growing Butterlies, each one starts out as a cocoon and then, after 10 Cocoon Feed will grow into one of three types of Butterfly (yep, it's a random animal I'm afraid)

We'll also see a new crop...

Which will be one of a few new things in the market, the crop being a free gift, the Butterfly Tree being a mission reward.

And that's your lot for a simpler mission release this time around! Just got to get those Butterflies flying!