Saturday 23 April 2011

Water, Water Everywhere!

Is everything feeling a little dry on your homestead? Well, it's time to build a... well...

The new Wells bring a set of three missions with them (all info HERE) and are similar to the beehive bonus but for animals.

You'll find a wellspring by clearing debris and tree stumps and will get a prompt to build a well, it wont be available in the market, purely a random occurrence.

Just like injured animals you'll have a chance to either build the well now, build it later but keep the wellspring or cover over the wellspring entirely and wait for a new one. The well has a tiny footprint and is only the same size as the beehive, a quarter of a tile.

Once the Well is placed it requires six new building supplies to finish, Shovels, Rope and Bucket, Spigot, Hand Crank, Pulley and Dowsing Rods:

The first three are requested via walls, the second two via direct requests and the dowsing rods are requested in Well Mission II, Water Ho!

When you complete the Well you'll also get a special mystery animal, a blue frog or a yellow turtle! (there's an even chance of getting each)

Then the well, when clicked, will give out daily bonuses for animals and plants:

Common: Cow, Squash, Pumpkin, Eggplant
Less Common: Ox, Sunflower, Corn, Flax
Rare: Mule, Cotton, Peanut, Peas

You'll also pick up XP, and coins.

Each Well can be collected from twice a day and is good for 10 bonuses before it dries up and a new one is needed. When that happens a new wellspring will appear when clearing debris again!

As with all new buildings it'll also come along with it's own collection!

And it's own Well Warrior badge:

Badge 1: Collect 8 Well bonuses - Reward: 100 coins, 200XP
Badge 2: Collect 25 Well bonuses - Reward: 500XP, 1 Crystal Goblet
Badge 3: Collect 100 Well bonuses - Reward: 1'000 coins, 1'000XP
Badge 4: Collect 250 Well bonuses - Reward: 1500XP, 1 Water Pump

More as and when we get it, let us know what you think via our Facebook Page.