Friday 29 April 2011

Gettin' Rodeo Ready!

We all know how Bess loves her horses! Well, it's time to help her on her way with a new upgraded Corral!

As well as five new missions (all details HERE) you'll get the chance for new horses and new skills!

If you don't have a corral you'll receive this popup: (Must be level 22)

Or you'll see this when clicking to upgrade in your Corral Menu:

Once you accept the challenge you'll get the usual parts popup giving you a look at what you'll need to get to upgrade the Corral. It's the normal setup with three direct requests needing 15 and three wall request items needing 10:

Once you upgrade your Corral this is what it'll look like:

You'll then get to buy more types of horse from the previous three although the Palomino is locked until you complete the 5 mission thread for upgrading and for some people the Ivory Andalusian will need three new neighbours, then be buyable for 100k:

We've also now found out the reason behind levelling your horse! After completing Mission III in the thread you'll be able to upgrade your horse's speed, spirit, agility and endurance with skill points allocated when you level up. This will all be available under the "Manage Horses" section of the Corral and will also be used for four new badges (info HERE) Don't forget that your horse can only level up to level 50, so after that you should start on a new horse, if you want to make the most of your Corral and hopefully get an advantage at the rodeo!

The Corral will also have crafting options to create things required during the Five missions!

Finally, training and using your horses will also pop out the new Tack Room Collection items, a Breast Collar, String Roper Cinch, Show Stirrups, Braided Reins and Silver Studded Headstall to get an Apple treat and 25 XP.

What's your thoughts on the new horses and the addition of skills? Come along and leave your thoughts on our Facebook Wall!