Wednesday 20 April 2011

Get Yourself A Faithful Friend!

Yep, it's time to get a faithful canine buddy who's a little more active than the old dog in your kennel!

You must be Level 20 to get the option of building the Pet Store and will either get the popup above or a prompt from the Old Dog in your Doghouse (If you have one...)

Once you've agreed this will kick off a series of five Pet Shop Missions (All details HERE) and start the procedure of getting hold of your puppy pal.

The Pet Shop will require a mix of materials, 15 Kennels and 15 Dog Beds that are directly requested from neighbours, 10 each of Scratching Posts, Litter Boxes and Aquariums and 1 Pet Crate which is awarded for finishing Pet Shop Mission IV.

Once you've built the Pet Store AND the Doghouse you'll have a chance to enter the puppy market and pick yourself a pooch!

That companion will then follow you around your homestead, doing it's own activities, helping you out and occasionally getting a call of nature, all while looking worryingly cute... You can get it to wait by it's bowl if you don't want it following you however.

From what we can see right now they stay as puppies but will eventually grown into fully sized dogs and do chores around the homestead :)

There's also two new collections, one for the building which rewards a Chunky Chow and 50XP:

 And one for the Puppy... called the Pee Collection that gets you a Yellow Snow Sign and 50XP

Pleased as punch pooch to be getting yourself a puppy? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook Page...