Wednesday 6 April 2011

Bee-sy Does It...

A swarm of busy little inhabitants are needing a new place to call home, will you bee the one to give it to them?

Players who've got a spouse will soon be visited by a swarm of happy and friendly honey bees who want you to build them a hive.

If you say no, the swarm will leave but another one will appear inside the next two weeks.

If you agree you'll place a beehive for 8 wood which is only the size of a tile and just requires four whacks at four wood each. Then it needs finishing which requires just a few building materials to begin with, four standard materials and two new ones...

The first Brood Box and Comb Frame will drop from the hive once you finish whacking it, a nice touch that lets you finish it much quicker with two less things to request to begin with.

Once it's built and the bees move in you get to take full advantage of their pollinating abilities to boost your crops by sending them out to speed up growth... well, by getting crop boosts anyway! Each time you collect your Daily Bonus it'll spawn out a number of boosts for you to use, starting with clover but increasing in type to give you better boosts for the larger crops.

The upgrades use the same supplies as before but at increasing amounts. The final of the sixth upgrades will cost quite a lot...

The full upgrade prices are:

Level 1 - 2 of each building material, 1 Comb Frame, 1 Brood Box
Level 2 - 3 of each building material, 2 Comb Frame, 2 Brood Box
Level 3 - 4 of each building material, 4 Comb Frame, 4 Brood Box
Level 4 - 10 of each building material, 8 Comb Frame, 8 Brood Box
Level 5 - 20 of each building material, 10 Comb Frame, 10 Brood Box
Level 6 - 70 of each building material, 20 Comb Frame, 20 Brood Box

There's also, as ever, a Beehive Collection to go with the new building:

We'll bring you more as and when we know more! :)

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