Friday 8 April 2011

Read All About It!

Zynga seem to either be on the same wavelength as the players or keep an eye on suggestions and feedback because after the much desired Doghouse and Storage Shed Expansions we're now going to see another well sought after feature, in game messaging!

It all begins with a randomly dropped newspaper (for all players over Level 18) appearing on your homestead causing a popup asking if you'd like to build your own news stand, along with a series of four missions (all info HERE)

(If you're wondering about the historical accuracy the first newspaper was published in the United States in 1756 - The New Hampshire Gazette - so papers were easily around by the early 1800s when this game is set.)

Once you place the news stand it'll take 10 whacks to get to it's final state, then you'll need your friends to send you some interesting stuff to go in your paper! The top three items are wall requests (10 of each) the bottom three are direct requests (15 of each).

Once you've finished that, you'll get a full rundown of the newspapers effectiveness, as it's got some tricks which most players will probably enjoy.

To start using the features you click publish and, as long as you've finished Mission II of the thread the publish screen will appear.

On this screen you can write in a message that your neighbours will see when visiting PLUS (you'll like this) ask them to give you a specific item you need for a mission or building you're currently working on, replacing the random gift of before for the first three neighbours to accept the gift giving.

Now, when a neighbour visits your homestead a new welcome screen will appear, including your message and giving the neighbour an opportunity to reply back to you.

Then, when they've finished their five tends a final help screen will pop up replacing the previous gift screen letting your neighbour, if they're one of the first three to accept, leave exactly what you asked for... PLUS, can post a brag to your wall which will give you elusive tools when clicked on. (Seriously, how can you not be loving this?)

So, your neighbour has visited, done all that, and three of them have left you a lovely pressie ("Gosh? For me?! It's EXACTLY what I wanted!") how does it change for you?

Well, now when logging on your visiting neighbour will include a speech bubble... click on that and you see their message to you while they go about their work, at the same time (if they're one of the three to accept) dropping your present like a doober, so no waiting, clicking, wall posting etc, your present is right there and ready to pick up and use straight away.

So... in game messaging, gifts we actually WANT (no more socks) and the ability to ask our neighbours to do a specific thing on our Homestead... I must admit I'm really looking forward to this.

As usual for buildings it'll have it's own collection... Bundle Cord, Ink Roller, Newspaper Cutout, Newsie Hat and Press Pass that rewards a News Stand Newspaper Stack decoration.

There's also two sets of achievements, one for papers published, and one for neighbour's ads answered.

Papers Published Badge:
Publish 10 Papers - Reward: Reward: 250 coins, 50XP
Publish 100 Papers - Reward: 500 Coins, 200XP
Publish 500 Papers - Reward: 1000 Coins, 500XP
Publish 1000 Papers - Reward: 5000 Coins, 1000XP, 1 Rooster Mailbox

Classified's Answered Badge:
Answer 10 Classifieds - Reward: 250 coins, 50XP
Answer 40 Classifieds - Reward: 500 Coins, 200XP
Answer 100 Classifieds - Reward: 1000 Coins, 500XP
Answer 250 Classifieds - Reward: 5000 Coins, 1000XP, 1 Boating Puddle

Are you looking forward to being a newspaper tycoon? Like the idea of customised gifting? Perhaps you're not as excited as me? Come along to our Facebook Page and let us know.