Thursday 14 August 2014

You Little Charmer!

Jack's got sick of the varmints on the homestead and has decided to do something about them...

No, wait, that's too proactive for Jack. Jack's got sick of the varmints on the homestead and has decided YOU should do something about them, that's more like it!

Jack's been reading up about the old legend of the Pied Piper and he reckons that with your musical talent you can probably charm those Varmints and then, of course, find something to do with them that won't mean they come back to cause a nuisance again.

As usual, a popup kicks things off.

That will start a 4 mission, one wrapper, one Monday mission thread (all details HERE) and a three step build, the Varmint Technical Academy (all details HERE)

The missions themselves are a basic partnering thread, with various partnerable Varmint variations.

We start out with a Varmint Burrow (coin) or a Humane Shelter (HS). They're healed with 6 Alluring Flutes or 4 Sweet Piccolos respectively, both of which are single Wall Posts.

They will then drop one of four types of Partner Animal, of which for missions we only need two of the variations.

They're each fed with 34 Varmint Tuition, a crafted item (check the misison posts for full crafting details.

We'll have a new free gift crop which will be used for that crafting, Angel Trumpets...

...and that's pretty much all you need for this fairly simple new thread!

So, lets be extra charming...