Thursday 28 August 2014

Homestead Holidays

There's not much left of Summer so the Homesteaders had better make the most of it with some Summer Vacations!

Hank and Fanny, Jack and the soon to be parents Bess and Ted all want to take a holiday but there is, as usual, enough problems to keep us busy for a while trying to sort them out!

Yep, even holidays are beyond the Homesteaders powers to sort themselves, but hey, if they did, we'd have nothing to do after all!

As usual, a popup kicks things off.

This will kick off 3 series of 3 missions and a wrapper each, along with a Monday mission (all details HERE). As with all types of this mission there's no build, but there is a small placeable decoration, the Lawn Chair.

This contains the mission map which will unlock over the course of 3 days and also contain a fishing mechanics that will drop mission items.

There's a small chain of healables, which starts with a Vacation Suitcase...

...that becomes one of three different healables, the Tire Swing, Slippy Slide or Hammock.

They, in turn, become some Summer Animals!

We will get a new free gift crop, the Tomatillo...

Finally, for new stuff we're going to see a new fun gift to send each other as we have a Water Balloon fight on Monday! We'll craft Water Balloons and send to each other that then turn into openable crates with mission based goodies inside!

So, Time to enjoy the last stages of Summer with some holiday fun... BOMBS AWAY!