Thursday 21 August 2014

State of Play

We've finally done it, the Frontier has got full Statehood!

Of course, even though we've succeeded with getting to be a State, that's no reason to ease up and now we're going to be making sure we have everything in place to be a State in more than name only!

That means setting up some Frontier-specific State Departments and building ourselves not just a Capitol building but also... a very large, VERY personal monument to all the work we've been doing to get to this stage.

First up, as usual, it's popup time...

That starts up a series of 5 missions and an OPTIONAL Timed quest arriving on Monday (all details HERE) along with a four step build (all details HERE).

We will have one single stage building to place, the Capitol, which includes a fishing mechanic.

That mechanic then drops one of three State Departments which, when healed, themselves turn into one of three varieties with limited randomness.

We're also going to get something very personal, a brand new sidebar on the right hand side called Mount Frontiermore... not only will this feature Jack, Bess and Granny but also YOU... Yes, the fourth face on Mount Frontiermore is going to be the players own avatar!

Other than the sideboard we'll see the usual mix of new stuff... a new Free Gift Crop, Pink Hedges...

...a new Free Gift Tree, the Player Love Tree...

...some new reward animals...

...and a new boost! The State Tree Boost will give you 15 minutes of triple tends on any Fruit Tree, so one click feeds that tree three times with all associated bonuses, drops and mission allowances!

That will come in especially handy come Monday when we need to tend the new tree in a timed and optional Monday Mission (a la the golf mission) where repeating it will get better and better prizes, all the way up to a mess o' Horseshoes!

Like the Golf Bag, the mission will have it's own decoration, Jack's Forum, which will track your progress and let you collect the rewards when the mission finishes.

In addition we'll also get extra rewards if we manage to complete a new badge, which is also timed and records the amount of times we've repeated the mission...

So, what are you waiting for? The State is out there... make it the best!