Thursday 7 August 2014

Total Eclipse of the Crow

One of the most Auspicious portents for the Wikiwah is incoming, a full Solar Eclipse!

With it being such a special time for the tribe it's seen as the perfect time for Storm Crow to take her rite of passage into being a fully fledged Shaman for the Wikiwah!

For her to do that she's going to have to get over her own insecurities, complete some tests from Laughing Bear and perform a number of rituals to find out what the Solar Eclipse will bring... with our help, of course!

As usual, a popup will kick off proceedings...

That will start off a series of 8 missions with a pair of wrappers and a Monday mission (all details HERE). There will be no build however.

What there will be is a small decoration, the Sun Drum...

...which will contain the undeniably gorgeous mission screen for this series.

From there, it's all fairly simple, a couple missions a day and a typical set of requirements including one new single state healable, the Sun Guide:

...and a pair of healables with varieties, the Moon Guide and the Fire Belly Frog...

They'll all have the same basic feed, for which the new free gift crop will feature heavily, Earth Stars...

...and that feed can also be combined with a drop item to make special feed to send to neighbours, when we receive that back it counts as 4 tends on any of the healables!

They will also count towards a pair of new badges:

We'll also see a second new boost, the Eclipse Boost which is something completely new, this boost will instantly make ready ALL animals stored in the Animal Hospital!

Finally, we'll have a timed personal collection meter, a bit like the recent community collections but just for each person individually, that will track a drop from the missions and reward us anything up to 75 Horseshoes!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get spiritual in the dark...