Friday 13 December 2013

What the Dickens...?

Now and again the Frontier starts to get a little... dramatic!

That's theatrical drama of course, and as the festive season is here they've got the perfect play to put on. It's a brand new one based on a book by some British guy called Dickens, something about a Christmas Carol?

Yes, we're going to be putting on a production of that most festive of horror tales as Granny Scrooge takes the lead along with the famouse three time travelling ghosts.

As usual, it'll all start with a popup...

This will kick off a standard five mission thread, one wrapper and a Monday Mission (all details HERE) and a three step build (all details HERE).

Part of this build will be the Play House...

...which is more than just a single building, it'll also have a "fishing" mechanic attached to it. We'll use Thespian Talent to find mission based goodies and gifts.

Each Talent requires 3 Brave Butterflies (Buddliea) and 2 Convicted Cause (Wall Post)

Onto the main mechanic, and it's basically a Partnering mission. We'll use one of three different items, one for each act of the play, Holiday Past, Present Presence and Future Contraptions.

These will then morph into characters and items from the play for us to use to renact it!

We'll see one new Free Gift and HS Crop, Festive Cinnamon (I now need a cinnamon donut...).

That will be in the market along with other mission based items...

So, lights, camera, ACTION!