Friday 6 December 2013

Tis the Season to be Giving!

It's Christmaaaaaas!

We all know what that means, it's a time for goodwill to all men (not you Bess, you're with Ted now) and the giving and receiving of square feet of colourfully wrapped paper, handily delivered wrapped round something we can take to a shop and trade for something we really want.

This year though, Flintlock wants to take some of that gift giving energy and redirect it to people in need, so he's going to start up a charity drive to donate animals and parcels to the needy all around the world.

As usual, it'll start off with a popup.

That will kick off a 5 mission thread and a Monday wrapper (all details HERE) along with a 4 step buildable, the Charity HQ all details HERE).

Now, the central trick of the HQ is going to be a brand new Community Collection feature that'll cover all the donations done by ALL the players and lead to some nice prizes once the Community reaches it's totals.

We'll get 4 Holiday Crates, 5 Cattle Power, a Dream Boost, 2 Animal Vaccines and then... the coup de grace... 75 Horseshoes!

The items we'll be collecting (Gifted Animals or Gifted Packages which are worth 3 points) come at the end of a little chain of events.

We start off with Bellringers, those are fed with 10 Holiday Cheer and drop Gifted Crops, sometimes on all standard tends and always on the final tend. Those Crops are then fed to a new Free Gift, the Donation Box which drops Gifted Animals or the Collection Reward Gifting Wagon which drops the Gifted Animals or Gifted Packages and is a tree, so repeatedly harvestable.

We'll also get 1, 3 or 5 Gifting Packages for buying the three charity items that we heard about the other day... Remember, buying one of those three items means money donated to Heifer International :)

As well as being a free gift...

Donation Boxes will be in the market along with some mission items...

...which include a new pair of Admin-imals! Yes, two more Express Admins have found their way into the game in the form of Pat the Peppy Piglet and Jo the Cheerful Calf :)

We'll also see a Collection that will give a Donation Box and a Donation Wagon.

So, it's time to start giving!