Thursday 19 December 2013

Naughty or Nice...?

It's time for Santa to visit and give out the homestead's pressies, the only problem is he's run into some turbulence and lost his naughty and nice lists!

So, it's up to us to help him decide which of the homesteaders come under the headings naughty or nice with some little tasks and missions.

So, Doc, Hank, Jack etc... you'd best behave, because we WILL be
writing that list and we WILL be checking it twice!

As usual it comes with a popup...

That kicks off a set of 9 missions. 3 wrappers and a Monday mission (all details HERE) but no build, just a small placeable called "The List" which will take us to the "map".

Remember as well the missions will be released slowly over the next Week/10 days (all details HERE)

From there on the missions are quite simple, homestead drops, crafts and some new healables... (Healing details are on the mission pages).

We'll also see a new free gift...

Which will be in the mission along with some other mission goodies.

Oh, and a collection!

So, lets get going and find out that all important question... Naughty or Nice?