Monday 2 December 2013

Play to Help the World This December

This December playing Pioneer Trail will do more than just give us a way to spend time, we'll also be playing our part in making life better for people who live in areas of need around the world.

Throughout December Zynga will be giving all the proceeds from certain in-game events to Heifer International, a hugely worthwhile charity that provides communities in developing nations with gifts of livestock, training on how to turn that livestock into a multiplying source of food and income, and education on sustainable and earth-friendly practices.

Then, when the animals breed, those babies are given back to Heifer international to be taken to yet more families in need, meaning one cow now could start a dynasty that is still helping people in years, or even decades time.

All donations will also be matched up to $400'000!

You can read more about the plan HERE or watch this video:

For Pioneer Trail's in game event we'll be seeing three new sale items that will give all their proceeds to the charity... These will tie into this Thursday's release ( a new Community Collecting feature) but are OPTIONAL and will not need to be bought to complete the thread.

The Holiday Mystery Crate will contain one of a selection of goodies who's original prices come in as more than the cost of the crate.

This includes one of two special limited edition avatar hats....

The other two items are both special placeables on the Homestead.

The first, the Giving Tree, can be asked daily for 5 Free Gift Crops, 10-25 Energy, XP, 2 Debris, or a random boost.

The second, the Heifer Helper, will make ALL of the animals in either the Barn, Animal Pen, Animal Hospital, or Chicken Coop ready to feed instantly every day.

All these items will never be offered again, they're made specially for this charity promotion, and remember, all proceeds will go to a worthy cause :)

It's Christmas after all, let's play our part to give gifts to the world as well as our loved ones :)