Tuesday 4 September 2012

Bobbing for Apples

The end of Summer is a time for celebrating the harvest, and on the Frontier that means it's time for the Apple Festival!

The Homesteaders will make up the Apple Festival table and play two games, dedicated to that red round fruit that's so much of the Stead.

As usual, we'll see the normal popup to start.

That will guide us into a four mission thread (all details HERE) and a 3 step build (all details HERE)

There are two new games to play, Apple Bobbing and Apple Shooting, with the usual gaming mechanic, you can play on your own, or with friends.

This time around we'll be crafting and using Apple Tickets, we'll need 25 per Bobbing game, 35 per Shotting game and speed does count.

At the end there's very familiar scoring pages...

...and this time around they'll be sold automatically, like the Carnival Games are.

One difference here is as well as one new free gift tree...

We'll also have the Apple Festival Market! Full of stuff you can buy with the apples you collect during your games!

That includes unlocking Barley, a new crop and three new boosts!

Mulled Gold Cider gives double XP, Green Mountain Cider works like a TOUGH HANDS TONIC so you can move debris and Refreshing Red is like a Green Lightning, you do everything on your homestead faster.

And of course we'll see a Collection...

So, Let's get Bobbing and Shooting those apples!