Thursday 20 September 2012

Animal Lovin'

We've trapped, healed and rescued... now it's time to put the cap on this little loveathon and get the kids together!

This is the final set of missions in the Bess/Ted threads when they finally work out they're perfect for each other (for now...) and it's our job to help.

Once those are done we'll have a new building, with a nice little bonus, and a new NPC... with a VERY nice bonus! More on that soon but trust me, you'll like it.

As usual, we'll see a popup...

That will prompt us placing the Animal Habitat, a four step build (all details HERE) and a five mission thread (all details HERE).

The missions all involve building the Animal Habitat that'll be Ted's workplace for the future where he and Bess can look after all their rescued animals.

Once fully built it'll have a daily bonus of dropping rare animals, rare crops and mystery crates! It IS a craftable though, so we will need to make some binoculars each time...

They'll be the same as the previous Bess and Ted missions with a diary page guiding you through the missions...

Like the previous set we'll also get enough Devotion from just the five missions, we won't have to repeat or redo any, and as we get those levels of devotion we'll get a number of extra rewards up to another rideable bear...

There's also three new animals, one of each type... and yes, we'll need them!

Also, when the missions completed we get Ted on our homestead... and I know how folks can feel about the characters but trust me, THIS one is actually useful!

Ted will be a character with a bonus, a 12 hour refreshing Aged Salmon boost! That means twice a DAY you can use Ted to instantly grow an animal to adulthood, even from baby! And there's no catch, no craft item, no delay... All you have to do is complete the building and BAM, two free Aged Salmons a day!

We will, of course, have a collection to pick up...

So lets get out there and get that romance done and dusted!