Monday 10 September 2012

Blazing Saddles


Honestly, you ignore one part of your homestead to try and get the Cattle Drive started and somewhere else goes to chaos! Something has sparked off at your Railroad Station and there's a distinct smell of burning in the air!

So... we know what needs to be done, it's time to get everyone together and get ourselves a Frontier Fire Station!

As usual, we'll be seeing a popup to start...

That will prompt us to place the Fire Station (all building details are HERE) and start a four mission thread (all details HERE) which includes getting our own fire suit! (I see some dressed spouse roleplay on the horizon...)

The Fire Station, when built, will give unlimited supplies of Crystal Water (a new consumable) and Spring Water!

The Crystal Water will be used for the two new trees, the Fire Fruit Tree and Star Apple Tree, which are free gifts.

They'll also be in the market, along with packs of Crystal Water and Critter Salve...

...which will be used for two new injured animals that have got caught up in the fire, the Burnt Bunny and Charred Chipmunk!

Wonderfully, instead of convoluted crafting like we've seen in the past with some injured animal, these will just need one simple request item, the Salve.

Of course, we'll also see the Collection!

So, let's get some brave souls, some water and a fire station to fight this fire!