Thursday 2 October 2014

Rubbing for Wishes

When Jack goes digging you're never sure what he's going to find...

It's been oil, a money grabbing fiancée and now... a genie!

Yes, Jack's discovered a lamp and given it a rub and I think we all knows what happens then.

All we need to do is give the Genie some waters for offering and he'll give us a bundle of goodies, including something we choose ourself!

As usual, a popup kicks things off!

This will prompt a 5 mission thread with a wrapper and a Monday Mission (all details HERE) and a four step build, the Genie's Lamp (all details HERE).

Inside the Lamp is the mission's main feature, a community collection meter with rewards at a number of steps when the whole gaming community donate a certain amount of two new items, Mirage Water and Wishing Well Water.

These items will drop from the Lamp, from a new healable, from two new crops and from a new tree.

The new healable is the Heat Wave, which has no variations, it's just a heal and gone. It gives water on EVERY tend with a bigger amount on final tend.

The crops are the Wendy's Wish which gives Mirage Water and the tree-like Genie Magnolia that takes Mirage Water but gives Wishing Well Water.

And the tree is the Oasis Tree, a mission and collection reward that also takes Mirage Water but gives back Wishing Well Water.

We'll have a bundle of Genie themed animals, costumes and even a rideable carpet!

And finally, a new collection, which drops from everything and gives out Oasis Trees and Genie Magnolia!

So, get rubbing...