Thursday 25 September 2014

Silver Step Out

So, who thought that the most desirable woman on the Frontier would be Granny?!

No, I'm serious... Who thought that... and how do we get them the help they most obviously need?

Anyway, men in white coats aside, it would appear that Granny is having to fight her suitors off with a stick (I'm surprised she's not shot them) and that's made Doc Auburn jealous, he thought he was a shoe-in for Granny's affections and now he has to fight off the challenge of some men with more brawn than brains and whiter teeth than morals...

...and obviously, it's up to us to help!

A popup, inevitably, heralds the arrival...

The arrival is specifically 8 missions, 2 wrappers in a mini thread and a Monday mission (all details HERE)

There's no buildable this week just a decoration, the Speed Date Table...

...which contains a fishing mechanic and the mission manager for this thread.

That will let you keep track of which ones you've done and restart them for either optional repeats or, yes, necessary ones.

There's nothing too far out of the ordinary during the thread, for starters we'll have a new healable chain with one starting point...

...becoming one of two variations that then each become 3 variations of their own. (For all details on what they take check the mission posts).

We'll also have four things we'll craft and send to neighbours, and in return they'll get boosts and crates with goodies in. (again, check the mission pages for specifics or join us at Express for individual guides).

Of course we'll see a new free gift crop, Jasmine, although you'll be glad to hear there's no major drop from them, just a tending requirement.

And finally, a collection with a crate reward giving mission based goodies!

So, lets all get Doc the woman he deserves... and that could be taken one of two ways...