Thursday 23 October 2014

The Politeness of Princes

Fanny and Granny are starting to get a bit tired of Hank and Doc's less than gentlemanly behaviour at times so they've decided to hold a Renaissance Fair with some Knight trials and invited a special guest, Raphael, to teach them some chivalrous behaviour.

Now, the big question is will Jack and Doc thrive on Knightly duties? Or even will they survive...

There's only one way to find out I guess, we have to do our bit to help them get some chivalry into them.

As usual, it's a popup!

The kicks off a 5 mission series with a wrapper and a Monday mission (all details HERE) along with a build, the Frontier Castle (all details HERE).

The Castle itself has a fishing mechanic which drops three of the healables that make up a bit of a "web" of healable items in this thread, see the mission guide for specifics and Express for our traditional Visual Guide.

Those make up the bulk of the mechanics for this mission with much of the rest simple planting and tending, including a new Free Gift Crop...

....a new Animal...

And a whole swathe of Renaissance Fair items to get that proper Knightly feeling!

But hey, at least we're not battling monsters as well...

...Right then, get the trebuchet's ready and let's get Chivalrous!