Thursday 6 June 2013


The homestead can be a little staid at times... and you really need to get the adrenaline pumping and the heart racing... and harvesting corn just doesn't really cut it.

So instead, Jack's sharing some stories of what he bumped into as he enjoyed his balloon trip around the world.

One of these is the Spanish tradition of setting bulls loose and running like heck away from them through the streets.

So, Jack's figured this might just be the thing that gets that buzz back!

As usual we'll see a popup...

Which will kick off a five mission thread, a wrapper to arrive on Monday (all details HERE), and a four step buildable (all details HERE) the Bull Course.

During the mission we will see two new things to feed, a new type of Burly Bull, the International Bull and the Red Balloon, that are both in the market for coins.

The International Bull uses the same Muscle Mix as previous Burly Bulls.

The Balloons each take one Air Feed, which is crafted from 3 Air Hoses (Basic Stills) and 2 Strong Breath (Wall Post)

We will see one new free gift/market crop.... along with a new premium/mission reward animal.

..and finally, we will see a cross promo screen for the story behind the Bull Run, Zynga's new mobile game "Running With Friends".

So, red bandanas on... and run!