Thursday 20 June 2013

Forever Blowing Bubbles

We all know Doc loves to experiment with anything new and the latest trick is a new age of refreshement on the homestead with new, bubbly fizzy drinks!

He's discovered  a perfect spring nearby and now, he needs your help to pump the spring out and build a Soda Shop to sell it in.

But, this is more than just a mission on the homestead, this is a community project with some shiny, shiny prizes...

So, to start with it's time to see a popup...

That will kick off a 5 mission thread with a wrapper on Monday (all details HERE) and a four step build, the Soda Shop (all details HERE).

The main item we're going to need in this thread is Bubbly Water, which comes from Bubblin' Pumps.

They're all worked using 10 Pump Grease, which is crafted from 2 Swamp Goo (Aloe Vera) and 2 Hand Lotion (Wall Post).

Once they're completed, out pops Bubbly Water!

Now it gets interesting, because there's an extra little twist here... it's time for us ALL to work together and get the whole community some tasty prizes.

Clicking on the Soda Store gives a new option, "Contribute Water".

That contributes Bubbly Water to a community pool.

... and here comes the fun part, when certain levels of water are reached by the community we ALL get a reward, no matter how much we've contributed!

The prizes range from a bundle of mystery animal crates all the way up to 75 Horseshoes for EVERY player once the community pool fills up!

There's also a sweepstakes with big HS prizes for the top three spots, to enter you simply donate Bubbly Water, each one counts as a ticket and it's open to ALL, no geographical limitations.

So, what's new in the system? Well, we'll see two new free gift crops... The Kiwi takes 1 Bubblin' Water to grow, then a normal tend.

Which are also in the market along with the new Lime Trees and a few other bits and bobs that are mission based/rewards.

And a new collection, that will drop from the Soda Shop and Pumps...

So, let's get pumping!