Thursday 13 June 2013

Dem Bones

It's the four words that will spread fear into any Pioneer on the Trail and leave even the hardiest of Frontiersmen in a cold sweat.
Jack's been exploring again.

Yes, the old geezer has slipped his chains and escaped again, this time the dry river bed where's he's gone and tripped over a big bone stuck out of the mud.

Wonderfully for once he appears to have found his own way home and it's now up to us to help him, and his friend Stafford excavate that bone and more to find some dinosaur exhibitions for our Museum!

As usual we'll see a popup to start...

...with a five stage mission and a wrapper (all details HERE) and a four step build, the Bone Site (all details HERE).

We'll also see a new Sideboard on the bottom right replacing the Tornado...

We'll use the Bone Site, Bone Pits and other new stuff to dig up all manner of Dino bones which will count in the new Collections...

The first of those will then be turned in to get a Dino Crate, which contains one of 9 Dino Exhibitions! (for a full explanation of the the excavation etc, click HERE)

There's a couple new items in the free gifts, one crop, Horse Tail and one sort of... Bush/Crop, the Ancient Plant.

The Plant is slightly different in that it takes an Ancient Water (Wall Post) to harvest.

The market will also have a few mission items and the new BBQ Bronto Ribs, which is a Super Fast HAnds (10 actions per click), a colour change and a size change for your avatar!

We'll also see a new healable, the Fossilized Egg which is healed with 10 Rock Heaters which are crafted from 2 Rough Kindling (Granny's Ovens) and 2 Circular Stones (Wall Post)

That grows into one of three Dino Babies. We'll get two eggs in our inventory with Mission 3 and then can buy more from the Market on Monday.

When the wrapper arrives with this new costume...

And the first Greenhouse expansion for everyone!

So, time to go excavatin!