Thursday 22 January 2015

Midwinter Knees-Up

It's time for the Midwinter Festival and this year the Wikiwah are arriving en masse on the homestead to celebrate with their stead based brethren and us!

This means some singing, some dancing, some Wikiwah rituals and Wikiwah offerings to get us coins, XP, Gold Dust and Horseshoes!

All we have to do is make the Wikiwah tribes from far and wide welcome at home and join in with a few little rituals, we might even find one of our own gets a position bump if we do everything right with them!

So, as usual, it's a popup to start.

That will kick off a series of 8 repeatable missions (2 a day) with a pair of wrappers and a Monday mission (all details HERE). As ever with this kind of thread we won't have a building but we will have three decorations.

Each of those decorations comes with a fishing mechanic which will drop boosts, crops, mission goodies and things that we can sell for all manner of reward, including Gold Dust and Horseshoes!

As well as those we'll also have one injured animal, the Elder Tee Pee...

...and a new free gift crop that we'll use for the healing, Indian Pipe.

If we do make the Wikiwah at home we'll pick up some festival rewards including the Dancing Bear, a decoration with a bonus...

...and our own Wikiwah festival garb!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's celebrate Midwinter with the Wikiwah!