Thursday 8 January 2015

Daddy and the Diva

Bonnie and Clyde across America, The Kray Twins in London, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez with Gigli, all nefarious partnerships that brought terror to those around them... but none might be as feared as the latest threat to hit the homestead...

The pair known as Red Steele...

Yes, Red and the eternally bad Amy Steele have joined forces and decided to bring about a new gang by teaching the animals of the Frontier all the tricks of the criminal trade.

Now, it's up to us to stop them, with some help from Ted, the newly rehabilitated Eddy, Bigfoot, some heroic animals and... well, their own decision to post a public notification asking for Criminally Interested animals... ok, so maybe they won't be the MOST feared...

The obligatory popup will kick off a series of 5 missions with a Wrapper and a Monday mission (all details HERE) and a four stage build, the Criminal School (all details HERE).

Now, while the more intelligent (or cynical) among you will be thinking we could wreck Red and Amy's plans quite easily by not building their school, it does have a use, specifically a fishing mechanic that will pop out the start of this series' healable chain, the Wanted Board.

This, when healed will become one of three further animal groups, each of which will then become one of 3 variations.

As usual we'll see a new Free Gift Crop, the fiery Scorpion Pepper (that's what you call a tongue stinger...):

And completing the missions will give us a bundle of rewards including a new boost, 2 more Raised Beds slots for up to 40 more crops and our own Burglar Outfit!

So, pick a side... well, actually, we're all good guys, right?