Friday 2 May 2014

Gratchetts vs Steele!

It's Country Fair Time!

Best of all, for those of us who like to see a happy ending, it'll be the final redemption of the Gratchetts as they put their newfound skills to the test and go home with the awards... or do they?

You see there's a group of people who might just want to rain on the Fair...

As usual, a popup starts proceedings!

This prompts a 14 mission (I know, but don't panic) thread (all details HERE) but no build! Although there is one little decoration, the Admission Booth, which gives you access to the missions...

...and a new sidebar, the Country Fair itself.

So, onto the missions themselves, we'll be putting our weight behind the newly reformed Gratchetts as they go one-on-one in a series of Country Fair challenges against Amy's new League of Steel, Goldie, Ned and Ted, Amy herself and Witherwood... Apparently entry rules for country fairs in Frontier times had lax checking of the "Wanted Criminal" box.

We're going to see three threads of four missions, each one a separate storyline that's a microcosm of the previous thread we had for that character.

Mission set one, releasing Thursday, is Bo Vs Goldie in a cook off, leaving Bo pulling together his best fried delights to try and fight off Goldie's fancy city food.

It includes two healables, the Fair Stove and the Fryin Vat... the first is for coins, the second can drop FROM the first or be bought with Horseshoes.

Mission set two, releasing on Friday, is Runt vs Ned and Ted in a battle of animals, with Runt's Runts facing off against their Dreadnoughts.

This one includes a new single Partner Animal, the Super Runt! This one comes with 4 variations...

Finally, we see the battle of the Big Sister vs the ex-leader, Sissy vs Amy Steele in a Stunt-off!

For this one there's going to be a new pair of Stunts, one for coin and open that can then drop from it, or be bought for HS. Those two stunts are then combined into a fourth Megastunt for our homestead!

Completing the three threads will then give us a ONE-OFF boost with some great effects, but have to be used wisely....

Bo's Battered Bacon Ferris Wheel is a drops boost, giving us a whopping TEN times the drops on ALL items for an entire hour. Runt's Rescuer Boost completely heals a Partner Animal. Sissy's Quick Draw Boost will make every crop on the homestead ready to harvest!

We're going to see a new Free Gift Crop which will be used with Bo...

...and will also come from the new collection!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's Fight Fair as we Fair Fight!