Thursday 15 May 2014

Furry Preservatives

If a tree falls in the Forest... search for the nasty guy who's doing something bad to them!

Yes, the nearby Gump Forest is in danger with the arrival of a team of shifty lumberjacks connected to Emerica and his plot to take over the homestead.

Without any thought to the local wildlife they're cutting a swathe through the forest and it's up to us to team up with the Wild twosome of Ted and Bess to stop them with some good old fashioned preservative demonstratin'!

As usual, we'll see a popup to start...

This kicks off a series of four missions, a wrapper and a Monday mission (all details HERE) and a three step build, the Wildlife Preserve (all details HERE and yep, just the three stages!)

The Preserve will contain the manager for dealing with the all new Endangered animals, a set of four new Partner Animals that work akin to the Hibernators!

First up we place either a Fallen Tree or Caved in Burrow (Emerica's been causing chaos!) and healed with Tree Jacks and Skinny Shovels respectively, both single wall posts.

They will then pop out one of the Endangered Animals, Birds, Herbivores, Canines or Felines, each of which has 4 final varieties...

These take much less feed than normal Partner Animals at just 21 feeds apiece, with the feed consisting of a couple homestead drops (from the new crop or Fig Trees) and Wall Post items.

As with the Hibernators, once we've found one of the animals we can then buy it in the market, two for coins and two for Horseshoes. They'l be in there along with the other mission items...

And there is, of course, a collection!

So, what are we waiting for, lets save that wildlife!