Thursday 10 April 2014

Egging Them On

Easter is on its way and everyone celebrates it differently so we're going to get to explore how three different homestead residents each want to celebrate.

Whether it's Doc Auburn's scientific approach to the holiday, Eddy's somewhat unique take on gifting or Granny's release of her artistic side in painting eggs, they certainly take their own paths to celebrating Easter and we'll be walking along with them!

Of course, along the way we're probably going to need to help them quite a bit... well, that's what we do.

As usual, a popup will herald the arrival of the new missions...

That will start off a set of Map Missions, so that means missions that will release over the course of a few days, but no build! In total there will be 14 missions (all details HERE) and a small placeable decoration to access them from, the Giant Easter Egg...

Inside that will be our map, showing three columns of three missions, with a wrapper to tie them all up.

During the missions we'll have four new injured animals, each with their own healing item that is crafted...

They'll all use the same drop item which comes from the new Free Gift crop, Salmonberry Bushes...

...that are also in the market along with a new coin crop, the Easter Eggplant!

We're also going to get not one but THREE new collections, one for each section and each drops a specific crate that will contain items that we require in the missions!

So, get your egg paints out, your best bunny ears and maybe a balaclava for helping Eddy... and lets go enjoy Easter!