Thursday 4 December 2014


Sometimes it takes someone else's actions to make you rethink your own, and Eddy's had some sleepless nights ever since he got Ned, Fred and Goldie released and then saw his father try and run off with Tess.

He's decided to try and kick not only his lawyering, but also his bad ways to the kerb and try out some actual homesteading on the Frontier, like everyone else.

Of course, if he's going to try something this new... he'll need help.

We'll see the usual popup to start.

That will kick off a traditional 5 mission, one wrapper, one Monday release set (all details HERE) with a standard four step build, Eddy's Farmhouse (all details HERE).

The Farmhouse kicks off this thread's main mechanic with a fishing option, named as "Do Chores". As well as dropping a number of goodies this can drop one of three types of Chore for Eddy to do, Crop, Animal or Land.

These Chores, when healed, will then become one of three items with LIMITED randomness, yes, the most we can have of any of the variations is 2 before the game makes us get a different one.

Now, what you will know when we get limited randomness is it means combining, so we'll then put those variations together, first into sets of three, and then into one final decoration with a bonus, Eddy's Achievement.

We'll also see a new Free Gift Crop, the Cauliflower...

So, lets see if we can do for Eddy what we did for the Gratchetts and get him redeemed!