Thursday 13 November 2014

Gobbling Food

Thanksgiving has arrived on the Frontier and there's just one problem... There's something up with the Turkeys.

Now, a lot of people would point out that the problem with them is they're about to be invited to Thanksgiving Dinner with a unique invite... but there's other stuff as well...

That means we're going to be hitting the homestead to work on not only our own Turkeys, but going hunting for wild ones too!

As usual we'll see a popup to start...

This will kick off three series of four missions to be done concurrently, along with a small wrapper and a Monday mission (all details HERE). What we won't have is a buildable, but there is a small decoration, the Thanksgiving Feast.

This one will let us start the three threads as they release over the next few days, with each thread having it's own little mechanic to work on.

Set one has a set of paired healables. We start off with the Faint Giggles which, when healed, can then become a Turkey Sighting. both of which are small healables...

The second set has a new Partner animal, a new dog the Lil Tracker which, when healed, becomes one of four different hunting dogs.

Then finally the third series has a new injured animal that pops out, the mysterious Wikiwah legend, the Great White Turkey! This one will only drop while the missions are open and has it's own set of drops.

They all use the same feed, Fowlcatchers. That uses the new crop as part of it's crafting, Cherokee Tomatoes.

So, lets go track down some turkeys and enjoy Thanksgiving!