Thursday 10 July 2014


Ahh summer, when men in bad trousers use a stick to smack a ball into a hole that's already got a stick in...

Yes, it's time to get a round in, and not the alcoholic type, well, not until hole 19 at least.

So, time to get our spiky shoes on and help Amos and Nettie realise their putting dream.

As usual, a popup starts the proceedings.

This kicks off a 5 mission set with a TIMED Monday wrapper... something new, more on that later! (all requirements are HERE) There's also a 4 step build, the Clubhouse (all details HERE).

The clubhouse will contain the main feature of the missions, a series of combineable healables like the Aquarium.

We start by "fishing" in the Clubhouse with Golf Clubs (and yes, as it's fishing, an Early Worm doubles it).
That can then drop one of three different types of golf hole, Standard, Trick or Hazard which are healed with Course Designs.

Those in turn become one of three different types, and are combined, first into 3 sets, then finally into one big Golf Course!

That Course will also have it's own fishing roll and drops and give out some great goodies!

For new stuff in the market we'll be seeing a new Free Gift Crop, Devil's Clubs...

...and a new tree, the Jacaranda Tree!

Finally we'll also see a brand new boost, the Mulligan Boost that works as a readier for multiple different items...

Monday Funday

Right, here's where things get new and different.

This week's Monday mission will be something brand new, a timed and optionally repeatable wrapper!

So, I hear you ask, why should we do it? Well, because the rewards at the other end are going to be worth it.

Every time you complete the mission it will credit in two places, a brand new badge...

...and inside a new decoration, Jack's Golf Bag.

Then, when the mission closes we'll get a parcel of prizes depending on what level we reached, ranging from Gold Dust, to some top boosts to a MASSIVE amount of Horseshoes!

So, it'll be your choice, concentrate more on the main missions and let this one go... or concentrate on this one for some impressive rewards...

Whichever you're choosing to do... let's tee up and see what happens!